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Staged.com allows people and businesses to share VIDEOS and the user gets to select what backdrop (stage) they would the videos to be presented on. Staged.com offer both free and paid accounts. The paid accounts are $24.95 a month and allow the user to add their own advertising into the stage. No longer do you have the trouble of creating a video and having Facebook, Youtube or the others sell the advertising to others. The Staged user is in control of the advertising on their stages. They can choose to place ads or leave their stage ad free.

I signed up in staged.com, although free for users who do not want to market and add advertisements to their videos or other peoples viral videos that they are using; I decided to upgrade for my own marketing purpose. After watching the explanation and demonstration from this link http://www.staged.com/learn/LoveIncome a person with any marketing aspirations would be silly not to add this as a tool to their own marketing campaigns.


Stages are super easy to create and it more often than not only take a couple minutes per stage (video). Once a user creates one stage, it is very easy to make as many as you want very quickly. Keep in bear in mind, Staged.com was created for sharing videos. It does not matter if you are sharing your own video creations or existing videos in Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitvid, Yahoo, Google or Screenr.


Staged.com has a FREE membership and it only takes a couple minutes to register. FREE members are able to produce as many stages as they like. In other words they can share as many videos as they prefer. See how it works here: http://www.staged.com/go/LoveIncome

Staged.com also offers users the power to link YouTube videos to their other social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, MySpace and others. It allows users to customize and share videos in a matter of minutes. Also, if the ad placement feature is selected a user can even make money sharing videos from the ad revenue. If you can copy and paste…and use Facebook then Stage.com can be a great tool for users to share videos with friends, advertise themselves or help build up their business.

Staged.com was designed for sharing videos. It does not matter if it’s music, business, humor or what ever videos, if you do share videos and understand the strength of advertising they have, then STAGED is made for you.

Does Staged.com have a affiliate way to make money?
Yes, you can make money by referring others to staged.com Click Here http://www.staged.com/act/LoveIncome

Staged.com accounts are ideal for both individuals and businesses. It doesn’t matter what interest a user may have a staged.com account can be both fun and profitable. To see a complete video presentment and demo from the company founder. Click Here: http://www.staged.com/learn/LoveIncome

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